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KRMNPA Grand Slam plaque
KRMNPA Merit plaque
KRMNPA application
VLGA application
WIA 2016 Callbook
Foundation Manual

KRMNPA Grand Slam plaque
The plaque measures 355.60mm (14") x 254mm (10") black background with engraving. For those who have worked both from, and to, all National Parks.
Includes postage & packing within VK.

KRMNPA Merit plaque
The plaque measures 254mm (10") x 203.20 (8") black background with engraving. For those who have either worked from or to, all National Parks.

2016 Callbook
The 2016 Australian Radio Amateur Callbook has contact details for Australian Amateur Radio callsigns, band plans, beacons, repeaters, the DXCC and QSLing. Included is a searchable CD with the New Zealand Callbook and 11 issues of Amateur Radio magazine from 2014.
Includes postage within VK

2016 Foundation Weekend Courses
September 3rd-4th and December 10th-11th.
Enrolments: Barry VK3PV or 0428 516 001

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